As far as me, I am a Soul RESET Facilitator & a Life Coach, a Speaker, the Author of "The Gift of Emotions," (coming October 2023), "F*CK CAREGIVING: A Practical Approach to Find the Joy in your Journey," the RESET Methodology Creator, an emotional release facilitator, 3x Caregiver with over 20 years of experience, the CEO of four companies (The Soul RESET Project, Glass Slipperz, AFFIRMED Apparel, and iamPHOENIX Publishing), a Sound and Energy Healer, and a Podcaster of A Shift in Perspective Podcast and One-Minute Message with Nicole, and it all started from a journey called caregiving.

I've been on my spiritual journey for almost 7 years, and in the beginning, it started out of curiosity. I would watch YouTube videos about guided meditations, spirituality, and spirit guides, so one day, I decided to give it a try.

After a couple of weeks of daily meditations, the feelings of gratitude, love, and happiness within my meditations became deeper. And as I start to become comfortable with meditating, the algorithms of YouTube started feeding me videos from Delores Cannon, Abraham/Esther Hicks, Bobby Hemmitt, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and many, many others spiritual teachers, and every time I listened to them, I felt a sense of knowing, and understanding began to grow within me. Their words they spoke and the books they wrote began to shift something in me and resonate with my soul. 

I began to feel a sense of happiness and confidence and freedom and beauty and gratitude.  After a couple of years of feeling this goodness and becoming more in touch with who I was truly becoming, the law of rhythm (meaning what is up must come down) began to test us. Duality started to shift, and we were hit with devastating news; my husband was diagnosed with cancer. If anybody has ever heard those three words for yourself or anyone else, "you have cancer," you understand how dispirited we felt. I didn't realize that the cancer journey would change our lives in many ways. As our family began to move through the journey, it created feelings of fear, anger, sadness, resentment, depression, and many more negative emotions within. There was a moment during that journey where I stopped meditating because I was mad at our Higher Power, but I realized that the very thing that helped me find myself was what I needed to get through the caregiving stage within my husband's cancer journey.  So, I began to meditate again, and they became so deep that I started to understand the journeys of life. 

On those dark days of watching my husband go through, I had to learn to dig deeper within me to get through and that supporting role of caregiver for my husband while also maintain care for myself. At that moment, I understood that my husband's cancer journey was my spiritual activation. 

The irony was in the mist of me helping my husband move through his experience with cancer, he was helping me shift through a lot of deep rooted emotions that were coming up from the journey and also some childhood trauma that I had no clue was buried way deep inside of me…and in moving through and cleaning and releasing that negative, stagnant energy, I’ve learned something great while going through that tough time, meditation was my saving grace. It changed my life. And because of meditation, I now understand that I am a being, who is part spirit and part physical; a being who now understand that I am a balance of dark and light; a being who understand the duality of life; a being who is here to give others a different perspective on life and close the gap between fear, worry.

I am here to assist caregivers and other souls to help them reawaken & revitalize their mind, body, & soul to the frequency of self-love through different modalities, such as my books, courses, speakings, products, and my podcast. The work I do aides in reprogramming people back to their highest level of self. I am just a candle in the darkness helping others take back their light.