A Shift in Perspective Podcast

A Shift in Perspective Podcast is a weekly podcast where Nicole Hawkins converses about different topics around understanding this game of life and the power of the mind.  Transformative topics such as spirituality, healing, adversities, soul ties and soul contracts, parenting, money, mindset, life/death, depression, love, traumas, self-care, breaking generational curses, and more. This podcast was created to help you see a different perspective in the dualities of life. New episodes every Tuesday. A Shift in Perspective is NOW AVAILABLE on the platforms below.

One-Minute Message with Nicole Podcast

One-Minute Message with Nicole is a weekly podcast created to shift your perspective and start your day with some powerful words. New episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. One-Minute Message is NOW AVAILABLE on the platforms below.

Caregivers First Podcast

Caregivers First is a weekly podcast created to help fellow caregivers be heard, share their tips, and consider different perspectives around caregiving, spirituality, wellness, and the dualities of life as a caregiver. New episodes every Thursday. Coming soon.