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Have you ever felt like saying F*CK CAREGIVING? As a caregiver for three different people, I know what it feels to have resentment, fear, anger, frustration, and question why your life has changed instantly. Do we love our loved ones? Absolutely. Would we do anything to make sure their needs are met? Of Course. But the feelings and emotions that caregivers face are real, and we internalize them for fear of being judged.

Well, “F*CK CAREGIVING” was written to give the caregiver a voice that has been suppressed for too long. It was written to inform caregivers that they are not alone during this challenging, exhausting journey. Through my caregiving journey, I had to look inward to break the cyclical patterns that were holding me back from finding peace and appreciation. In “F*CK CAREGIVING: A Practical Approach to Find the Joy in your Journey,” I will share essential keys to help you find your peace during your caregiving journey. In this book you will discover:

  • How to embrace your truth during your caregiving journey.
  • How to balance the load of caring for yourself and your loved one.
  • The importance of learning to R.E.S.E.T. your life while handling this new responsibility.
  • How to adopt self-care methods to keep your energy high and your heart full of love while moving through this journey.
  • How to appreciate the co-creating experience with your loved one NOW.

You will be able to understand your caregiving journey and find compassion for the mental and physical journey that your loved one is working diligently to move through as well. The understanding of who takes care of the caregiver during this co-creating experience will not only shock you but allow you to find the joy in your journey.

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